LM #11: Money

Hallo, human!

You know, today I gave one unusual game a go, and I actually liked it so much, that I played it several times in a row. The game is called "SPENT" and it raises awareness of people all over the world about poverty.

The point is, you have 1000$ dollars and you have to live month on them. Very often you have the tough choice while dealing with problems, because you are needy and can’t afford anything. You can have a job, but it’s easy to get a sack and just lose our salary – the only steady income that you have. Rent, high prices, debts, outgoings and even more problems. In the end, you just tighten your belt and make ends meet.

One thing, that I liked the most was the possibility to donate money to people who live on a shoestring budget and, by doing that, help them get essential things.

Have a wonderful life!


LM #10: Health


New magazine about health, food and diets are now available in your city!
strongly advise you to check out the extract from it, just in case you have some doubts.

Going Vegan

As you all probably know Vegan is a person who goes without any of the animal products. Sounds a little bit scary and ... wrong, but actually vegan diet is considered to be one of the healthiest diet in the modern world. But why do people switch to a vegan diet? Because of their love for animals and the environment, religion, health diseases, determination to become healthier or just ordinary curiosity. Very often people cannot take a decision because of the prejudices and misinformation, which eventually leads to a tough choice and a burning desire to remain everything the same.

Let’s destroy some myths about vegan diet.

1. Vegans get all necessary minerals and vitamins from their food, even the B12, protein and iron. The main point is to choose right and fresh produces which contain needed elements and have high nutritional value, such as beans, seeds, nuts, dark chocolate, spinach and so on.

2. Vegan food isn’t expensive. If you go to the ordinary supermarket, the pound of organic veggies or fruits will cost you almost the same as the ¼ pound of veal or plaice.

3. Not all vegans are healthy eaters. Some people assume that vegan is equal to healthy, but it isn’t. In most cases, people try to cut down on junk and processed food, but some still prefer greasy chips or sugary casserole (which are still pretty vegan).

4. It isn’t boring. All you need is imagination (sometimes Internet and time) and voila slap-up and square meal is done, with no need to die of hunger.

5. You won’t lose weight. Yeah, it might sound strange, but it’s true. As well as you can be vegan and do regular workouts with no harm to your body (still providing it with all needed minerals and vitamins and building your muscles).

All in all, vegan diet is just one of the ways getting desirable health. Think over with what you fill yourself up and be happy!

Thanks for your time!


LM #9: Company

Are you searching for a high-powered and permanent job? Do you want to see yourself at the peak of your career only in a few years? We are here to offer you such kind of job with a benefits package and opportunity to work flexitime. If you are interested, here is the general overview of what should you expect and whether you meet the requirements.

The “Corner Shop” is an up-and-coming organization, which is dealing with a whole range of things – starting with an arrangement of the exhibitions and ending with finding a groundbreaking works for our gallery. Moreover, we are dealing with the antiques, which we sell to the real experts or passionate lovers.

To put it in a nutshell, we are searching for employees, which are good at using their own initiative, have a ‘can do’ attitude and the most important – have an eye for details. Now we are having two vacant posts of the gallery manager and antiques expert. What do these positions involve? As a gallery manager, you should have a qualification in art, and be an asset to the lost customers as well as be ready to handle various problems. For the antiques expert, you are responsible for the quality of the works and you should easily spot an error or pick holes in collected works. An experience in working closely with pieces of art is required.

So, what are the working conditions? Your wage depends on your working hours (no less than 25 per week) as in every part-time job: 1h – 15$ for gallery manager and 20$ for antiques expert. You’ll also receive perks, such as free tickets in the gallery for your nearest and dearest and free tea breaks twice a day.

Still having some doubts about this job? This feedback from our last manager might help you to decide: “Thanks to this job, I`ve found the passion of my entire life – art. Yes, it was rather demanding, but while encountering with differences, I’ve become streets ahead of ordinary employee.”