LM #16: Videos

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Group Video with Roma Diachek

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LM #15: Environment

Hey, bugs!

Today I will talk about some environmental issues and propose my ideas to improve eco-situation in Ukraine!

First Video: As we all know, more than 2/3 of world energy comes from fossil fuels, known as nuclear energy. But there are several ways to minimize carbon footprint and one of that – usage of alternative forms of energy. Wind power now is the major source which can lower the carbon energy and in order to integrate wind power effectively, we should find compromise “where to put wind farms?”, and the best solution to it – offshore wind farms. Another amazing thing is to cut down on supply or demand for 5 most energy consuming materials (paper, plastic, aluminium etc.). By doing so, we can use less energy to produce them and reuse former ones, which still has a good value, like cement in the old buildings. So, the main thing which should be implemented is a different system so that to have the behaviour change and use renewable energy.

Second Video: It’s indeed important for people to respond in eco-friendly way to the climate change and show their understanding of things. Scientists search for more efficient ways to feed 10 billion people, or to reduce food miles & carbon footprint, but what is also important – the level of people’s acceptance, and that’s why psychology is at the same level as the groundbreaking research. People will only approve that source of energy, which are safe, reliable and efficient. Several researches are now conducted: “Sunshine”, which is orientated to the better understanding of sun and photosynthesis and “Low carbon supply chain”, which takes on the major role of developing the new ways for enterprises to reorganise their supply chain so that to reduce emissions of a carbon.

I propose a 3 step-idea that will help Ukrainian to better understand the environment and biodiversity of the Earth, and at the same time to consider the environmental impacts of global warming and other changing weather patterns, while figuring out long-term solutions.

1. Raise awareness of absolutely vital part of human kind’s life – environment, through additional courses, workshops, programs at the schools and universities or even through social ads.
2. Introduce people to 3R (Reuse. Reduce. Recycle) approach of waste disposal which can be easily implemented in every house.
3. Involve more youth into the ecology or other nature science, where they can conduct various researches and experiments, which are environmentally orientated.

So, if Ukraine doesn’t want to keep on standby and make a difference, it must start with the people!



LM #14: Travel & Migration

Dear Victoria,
How are you? It’s been a long time since the last time I saw you.

I’m writing you to say how much I appreciate your contribution to my immigration. Without your help I don’t know how I could possibly get accustomed to living in the USA. After several  weeks I get used to sleeping on the chairs and combining education with household chores, like doing laundry and cooking. Remember you’ve made me that egg cream drink? I’m still tempted by it; sometimes I even make a change by adding a cinnamon there. Also, I’ve gone on a day trip to Coney Island, where I was sunbathing, swimming and recharging my batteries. That’s a great thing to unwind in the open air and wander aimlessly through the NY, enjoying the remarkably diverse architecture of this vibrant city.

Funny thing: when I was crossing the board of USA, I nearly dropped my new passport into the sea. I got so scared, that I wouldn’t get to our self-catering flat, but eventually everything was as easy as ABC. Even now, after several months living here I can’t get rid of culture shock, because every single thing offers a unique experience. I had feelings of nostalgia once or twice, but that’s something that helps me to adore NY even more.

Would you like to go somewhere together, for example, hiking or camping? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lots of love, Mascha Jaffe!